Simple Seibel

The muscadines,

they grant me

a fervent desire

that will not tire,

I want to belong to the strong

puissant buds that climb the trellis wall

delicate vines so raw

with woody flower clusters,

others tamp my light

seeing the abundant edelweiss,

their fermented facade,

I prune them to see what remains

being thrown away

with the thick valiant.

Now budding,

they rise;

I see myself

in the simple seibel.


James Alone Knows

He comes from a sea breeze

creating ripples of water from the bay,

sailing with the seagull who dips to catch its prey,

lifting to the lighthouse with its bright light that aims,

beckoning to look out its spyglass frame,

climbing down its spiral staircase

foot steps echoing across the brick wall cave,

stirring up history of forgotten names,

James Alone

James Alone

descended knows,

this feeling of belonging

yet on your own,

with just the sea air.


I am…

I am the shape of a flower


bowing down,

but blooming within.

I am the color of

magnolia grandiflora,

a serene green leaf

with sunlit streaks of

yellow exuberance.

I am a delicate breeze,

daintily gliding over waters

with passionate ease.

I am “Reverie”

piano keys tickling my heart,

such joy,

from it’s purity.

I am a twirl and a leap

a twirl and a leap

always on repeat.

I am a 1950’s convertible

it’s paint chipped,

but I know,

it’s still beautiful.

I am a “Soutine”

his meandering

brush strokes


my wonky characteristics.

I am a dusty book

in solitary silence,

pining on shifting pages.

I am a cup of tea,

no sugar,

no cream.

Upon The Wall

The masterpiece is a painting upon the wall

people looking, it is waiting upon the wall.

It’s beauty so hard to grasp

a woman collapses, fainting upon the wall.

It’s temptation so luring

a boy’s eyes can’t move, they’re remaining upon the wall.

It’s sadness so painful

a little girl cries, tears raining upon the wall.

It’s horror so evil

a man tears it apart no longer reigning upon the wall.

It’s done, it’s gone, mind’s their own they wonder

who was it entertaining upon the wall?

Bon Voyage

Listen to me, please acknowledge

my own mind of knowledge

what pushes me off the edge.

I am feeling stagnant

help me grow like a plant

instead I have to rant.

Don’t fear, believe

you see, I want to leave

maybe this eve?

Come wave goodbye, bon voyage!

I want to take a voyage

It’s not just my age.

Wanting to explore I’m not ashamed

a new place, a new name

adventure the aim.

I know what your thinking

that I don’t have an inkling

but my trust is not for me.

I’m Not from Around Here

Rain falls down earth’s cheek.

I’m standing on it’s sad face.

I stomp in it’s eye

a puddle,

a black eye.

Being alone feels how rain tastes,

hitting your taste buds it cries.

It is a person.

Lila living in the wet London lake,

which soon she will sail down

the tear run wake.

Peux tu m’aider?

Sod off,

I’m not from around here.

she dissipates.

Her steam floating away.

I’m you under the rain,

filling up a cup to drink.

They all come out to play the game.

Children laughing away,

singing Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on my Head

and their feet standing on the earth’s sad face

blinks a tear away.